Have you ever noticed that the last place you visited is almost always better than where you live today?

I’m not talking about a visit to the grocery store or gas station to get a fresh pack of cigarettes (gatorade, can of chew, bubble  gum, head of lettuce, insert your item of choice here).  I’m refering to the last place you went on vacation or took a business trip to.  Someplace you had to literally put some effort into getting to in order to experience.  I just got back from Phoenix on a golf trip with some really good friends.  We do this every year.  We’ve been going to Phoenix now for the last three years.  And each year I tell myself, “I could live out here all the time.  The weather is beautiful, the scenery is beautiful, everything about this place is beautiful.”  We used to take this trip to the Carolina’s when it first started a dozen years ago.  We quit going there because we got tired of the rain chasing us away.  Even so, I thought the Carolina’s were a beautiful place to be.  Lush, green, warm and inviting.  This past summer we went to the Grand Teton’s and Yellowstone National Parks.  The whole family found this to be a beautiful place to be.  My wife still dreams, months later, of packing up the household and moving out there full time.
But what makes everywhere other than where we live, day in and day out, so much more attractive than where we are now?  Do we just become so oblivious to the things around us on a day-to-day basis that we lose sight of why we live where we do?  Does the drive to work become so automatic that you don’t recognize the stand of deer in the empty corn field 15 feet off the road?  The blazing colors of the sunrise (sunset) as you travel the same route home again today?  Why aren’t we packing up and heading off to that better place we visited?  Is life such a routine when we are home that the only time we truly “come to life” is when we are stirred by some other, unfamiliar stimuli?  I need answers! 

About scotthaz

I love the creative process of Architecture (and tolerate the administrative end of the process), golf as often as my family will allow, and enjoy nature photography.
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2 Responses to Have you ever noticed that the last place you visited is almost always better than where you live today?

  1. Scott says:

    “Is life such a routine when we are home that the only time we truly “come to life” is when we are stirred by some other, unfamiliar stimuli? I need answers!”


    I believe you already have the answer. Our greatest gift is our mind. With that one gift, we create our lives. You’re obviously very creative and, by using that creative mind, every new thought is “unfamiliar stimuli” until it’s received and accepted. The key is this; keep creating new thought…that’s the renewable energy of life.

    I like your blog…very cool. I’ve signed up for continued inspiration…keep it going!

    Respectfully yours,
    Scott V.


    • scotthaz says:

      That’s a great piece of insight Scott. When I wrote that piece the stimuli was relative to the sights and sounds of a physical place. But your perspective of gathering that stimuli from within is very credible. As I look back into the recent past I can see huge explosions of light during those times when I was developing a new design. A time when there was a great deal of endorphins or zenmorphines or whatever they are called, firing all at once and that stimulation was certainly a bright spot in life.
      Renewable energy, a very catchy phrase these days but I think you are right, we have the freedom to use our mind to build our world and shape our lives. And that is why I enjoy writing this blog too. It does provide another outlet of creativity. One where the critics may very well express their opinions but I am in no way obligated to change what I’ve created to please them (as is usually the case in the world of architecture).

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