Taking my own advice.

So, I took my own advise today on the way home from work to actually look around and pay attention to the world I live in currently as opposed to the world I visit when I’m gone on vacation.  I even slowed down enough to take these pictures of the setting sun through the trees.  These remind me of an incredibly talented artist friend I knew who had amazing talent at capturing these types of images via water color.

I have a dozen or more of his paintings hanging everywhere throughout my home.  Like a lot of things, I managed to lose sight of just how gifted his work really is.  After you walk by this work several times a day with something else on your mind the beauty of his work tends to dissappear into the background.  It was about this time last year when he passed away that I took the time to look around at my walls again and remember what a gifted artist he was.  I don’t look at a dynamic sunrise or a sunset, like this one, without thinking to myself, “That looks like something Tim would create.”

About scotthaz

I love the creative process of Architecture (and tolerate the administrative end of the process), golf as often as my family will allow, and enjoy nature photography.
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One Response to Taking my own advice.

  1. Michael Kooistra, Jr. says:

    Nice post Hazmat! It’s called the human condition. If I lived in Arizona, I would long to move to California. If I lived in California, I’d long to live in Hawaii, etc.
    I know the feelings you get, because I get them too. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that when you visit these places, you are on vacation….it’s not real world, at least for people like us who have to work. I you lived there and worked everyday, you’d get a lot of the same old crap there! When we are on the golf trip, we are associating our surroundings with the great feeling of NOT being at work, and NOT dealing with home issues, and being able to just hang out like we did in highschool–no worries!!
    I think we eventually come back to the realization that relationships are by far the most important thing; first with God, then family and friends, etc. Living alone in paradise would blow chunks compared to living in the ghetto with family and friends. Now, of course, the ultimate would be living with family and friends in paradise! And that will happen someday–in heaven!

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