You Think You’ve Got Problems…

I had a friend sent me this story today.  He’s a man of strong Christian fiber and found this story to be compelling enough to pass it along to me and some others whom he knows can relate, on a limited basis, to the trials the man featured in this article is up against.  The fact is, any of us who have lost a loved one or a family member can relate to some degree.  However, this man’s story carries the grief and burden to a whole other level.  It is a long, two part article but well worth the read.  Not to worry, it is not over-the-top, heavy handed, Christian-bent article.  It does, however, explain the importance that a strong Christian upbringing has played in the process of Chad’s learning to deal with the weight he has to carry.

The article can be found at

Chad’s blog, describing his journey and the efforts to keep his brother’s significant sacrifice alive can be found at

I find myself able to relate to these brothers passion for each other through the similar situation I share with my daughter, though on a much smaller scale.  And when I say a much smaller scale I am referring to my ability to assist in her situation than what Ryan was able to do for his brother.  As a child with a heart defect she periodically needs surgery.  As a parent I am otherwise helpless in the process except for the fact that I share her blood type.  As any parent would, it is without hesitation that I willingly offer my blood for her when surgery becomes necessary.  Like most I would offer all the blood that flows through me to offer her the opportunity to live a full and complete life.  I know this isn’t possible but it doesn’t lessen the desire I harbor to do everything in my power to help her.  If it came down to it, could you do what Ryan did for his brother, Chad?

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