Snowmageddon 2011 – The Clean-up

Two feet of snow was the prediction.  But we didn’t come close to getting there.  The “Storm of the Century” turned out to be nothing more than the “First Storm of February 2011.”  Yes, it has turned an ordinary day into something to talk about but certainly seems to have failed to live up to the hype that was built up around it.  It was enough to close the office for today and earn the kids a second straight day at home to cry “I’m sooooo bored.”  However, when asked if they are looking forward to going back to school I’m greeted with a similar cry.


So, let the clean-up begin!  But first, some fortification to make the effort worthwhile.  A little hot chocolate to get me in the mood.


The Beginning


Because once I get out there and get started I’m not stopping until I get it done.  Ten inches I can handle.  Two feet to shovel and you could expect to see more photos of hot chocolate in hand than shovel!


A tip to all of you first timers out there.  Aim that chute to blow that snow with the wind lest you end up looking like a walking snowman.  Unless of course, soaking wet on the inside and frosty white on the outside is the way you roll.

 A ten inch snow equals two tanks of gas to clear this driveway.  A tired snowblower is not one to start right away the second time around.  “Won’t it start?” asks Sweetness as she pokes her head out to see how it’s coming.  “No.”  is my reply.  “Is it out of gas?” she asks.  “Not anymore my dear, I just filled it.”  I reply.  The only good part about being out here is knowing Sweetness will have the water on to boil for more hot chocolate as soon as she hears the snowblower turn off next time. 

A job well done indeed.  Except, after decompressing from four layers back down to just two, and a hot mug of cocoa back in hand, it appears she’s back at it again.  This may require another venture out to tidy up the rest.  Oh, and as of 1pm the snow plow is yet to make a pass down our street!  Time to set this drink aside and bring on the libations.

About scotthaz

I love the creative process of Architecture (and tolerate the administrative end of the process), golf as often as my family will allow, and enjoy nature photography.
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