Weekly Photo Challenge:Boundaries


They are everywhere aren’t they?  Some are imposed upon us.  Some we impose on our selves or cast upon others.  Still cleaning up after the snowstorm this week I made these boundaries with a single pass of the snow blower down the driveway.

About scotthaz

I love the creative process of Architecture (and tolerate the administrative end of the process), golf as often as my family will allow, and enjoy nature photography.
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2 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge:Boundaries

  1. Whoa. Is this from your area? Now that is a lot of snow. Great photo!

    • scotthaz says:

      Thank you. This is from the snowstorm that blew through the midwest last week Wednesday. We here in Northwest Indiana managed 15 inches from that storm. I am sure the neighbors were ready to call the authorities on me as they watched me lay down in the snow to get that picture. Of course, after putting the camera away the snowblower refused to start back up again!!!!

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