I Have Seen The Future…

…and I am holding it in my hot little hands even as I write this! A week ago today I treated myself too a cute little toy I’ve been eyeing since Christmas.  I dropped coin on one of these new tablets from Samsung and it is indeed everything I hoped it would be.  It is the ultimate symbol of freedom from this monster desktop I’ve been using for ever.
It is my mp3 player, it is my email on the go, it now allows me too read my books on the go no matter where I am (a plethora of free ones to boot).  It is my day planner and list maker, my all around life organizer. 
And the app options are endless. Why, I’m using swype technology to write this post from my new WordPress app.  The Navigator app got me to and from a client meeting with the punch off a button while offering suggestions for how to avoid the upcoming traffic jamb it already knew about!  I took it to the cabinet makers shop this morning and took pictures of the clients cabinets then showed them what they looked like at or meeting later that morning. 
Construction calculator, maps of every square inch of the United States (at least those the government will allow), and access to the www no matter where I am.  I may never work another day sitting at my desk again (just don’t tell my boss)!

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About scotthaz

I love the creative process of Architecture (and tolerate the administrative end of the process), golf as often as my family will allow, and enjoy nature photography.
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