Manchine 2114


“Yes C-74US-443176.” 

Like most boys his age he knew this meant trouble.  His father never called him by his full name unless he meant business.  C-74, as he was used to being called, had been full of curious questions all evening while doing his best to avoid this memory upgrade.  That fact, however, did not stop him from pressing on though treading much more light-of-foot knowing the pain that could be inflicted by his father with a quick tug on the Tri-Wedge Connecting Rod keeping him plugged in to the family mainframe.

“Dad, how was it possible for the Pre-C human species generations to exist using as little as 10% of their brains?  I mean, how could they have accomplished anything in life?”

It was a legitimate question C-73 thought.  For as annoying as this constant line of questioning had been tonight he felt proud to think his son had actually considered this and that maybe upgrading him at birth to this new Operating System was going to pay off after all.  Maybe this information wasn’t just being downloaded into his on-board softdrive but that it may actually get recalled and applied.  He may be a soldier like his daddy after all.

Reading the look on his fathers face gave C-74 confidence.  “I don’t get it though.  Why do I have to import these upgrades during active time instead of in sleep mode?  I can pull this ancient history up anytime.  You’re commander of the Eastern Europe Quelling Front, why can’t you just make it…Ouch!”  He’d crossed the line and he knew it.  With one swift jerk his father had pulled the Tri-Wedge Connecting Rod out of the Porting Dock situated in the back of his head.  So hard in fact that C-74 was sure the Porting Dock had dislodged from the fleshy tissue that had grown in around it after birth.  C-74’s eyes flickered, the loss of the data connection forcing a hard shut-down and reboot of his system before he could regain his senses and offer up an apology for overstepping his bounds.  His eyes rolled back in his head as the softdrive began the process of resetting itself. 

But not before he caught sight of DG-2US-000114 enter the room, face his father, and close his eyes.  Though DG-2 and his father were close friends, C-74 knew this to be a sign that DG-2 was offering the standard telepathic salute afforded to men of his father’s stature and that this visit was strictly business.  C-74 tried to follow the conversation though the reboot process he’d been thrown into only allowed him to catch bits and pieces of the conversation.  Formalities over, DG-2 looked quizzically at C-74 and asked “Troubles with the download C-73?”

“Not the download, the problem is with the softdrive I think.  Sometimes I think it is scrambled like some of the double ought versions.  This one gives me more troubles than any of our field soldiers DG” replied C-73.  DG placed his hand on the fleshy cap of the young manchine and warbled it back and forth, “Don’t worry chief” said DG, “they speak highly of this OS upgrade back in the homeland.  You should be proud to have one of the few here on this side of the Atlantic chasm.”  Following this line of conversation was growing harder and harder on C-74.  Comprehension was hard enough having to contend with the ReStart Script as it rolled past his eyes.  This was now complicated even farther by dealing with the front to back motion created by DG rocking his softdrive case.  He did his best to follow along with what was otherwise considered information he normally wasn’t permitted to hear.

“There’s very little resistance left on the Italian peninsula for us to contend with here Commander,” DG went on.  Word on the Telepathy though has it that there is a more sizable group of Pre-C humans in the Middle East sector than anyone anticipated.  It was largely assumed that after the development of the Wastematter Forced Fossil Fuel Accelerator was developed and the need to pump oil went away that area of the planet was deserted.  Seems not though from the latest we’ve been able to gather.  Heat seeking receptors indicate a sizeable collection of them that need harvested for implantation.  Apparently all efforts at communications with them have failed so we’re going to have to do it forcibly.  It looks like they will send you there next.” 

“I hate operating that way DG,” replied C-73.  C-74 could see the concern grow on DG-2’s face as his reboot finished processing.  “We claim them with our Operating System C or the Eastern model’s going to go in there and take them instead,” DG-2 replied.  “We’re the only two choices left.”

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I love the creative process of Architecture (and tolerate the administrative end of the process), golf as often as my family will allow, and enjoy nature photography.
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