Ever Have One of Those Days?

You wake up to a bright, beautiful, sunshine filled day. 

Blue skies as far as the eye can see.


As you shake the sleep from your head nothing seems to be really in focus just yet but, the day is young.






Eventually things get straight in your head…





…and it’s time to leave the nest and head off for work.




Where you find the typical mountain of work that needs done!




So you jump right in.





And go out on a limb to get it all done.




In an effort to keep up with that clown in the next cubicle over who’s always trying to out-do you.





All while trying to avoid the big Bossman who is always hovering around nearby.


It’s gonna be a great day!!!

About scotthaz

I love the creative process of Architecture (and tolerate the administrative end of the process), golf as often as my family will allow, and enjoy nature photography.
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