Something’s In The Air

Can you feel it? There is something in the air that signifies change. I get this same feeling this time every year. But it seems to be exceptionally strong to me this year. It’s a new beginning and it is, of course, tied to the start of a new school year.
Now, I’ve been out of school for (God I can’t believe this) decades. But being married to the state’s best first grade teacher (my bragedocious assessment, not hers) as well as two school-aged yutes,¬† I am always well in tune with the dates when school lets out and gets back in session.
And I love the feeling and energy that new start sets in motion. Not because it means they will now be getting out of bed when I go to work in the morning instead of sleeping in. Rather it’s for all the newness that comes along with a new school year. A new Cross Country season filed with opportunity and achievement. A new school building and classroom environment to adjust to and become a part of. New routines and new stories of break throughs in the development of a classroom full of students with untapped potential. It’s almost an odd fit of jealousy because I don’t enjoy the same opportunity for renewal in my job that the school year offers the rest of my family.
I do, however, relish the change of the seasons and I think that is what makes that “something in the air”a little bit stronger this year. We are seeing a decided turn in the weather that leaves you with that light, jumpy feeling inside as the changing season sets in. The cool, dew-laiden grass of morning gives way to the warm sun of the afternoons, only to be replaced again as the cool evening air settles back in around you. The mosquitos move a little slower, more lethargic. The soil in the garden still wet from yesterday’s rain. An array of ripening fruit of all different colors fills each plant.
Yes. This year it is all coming together.

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I love the creative process of Architecture (and tolerate the administrative end of the process), golf as often as my family will allow, and enjoy nature photography.
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