For More Years, For More Years?

Hey gang. How ya been? I know, I know. It’s been a while. It’s actually been a long while since I took the time to sit down and post. And I’ll admit that the catalyst for my drought had been the good weather. When the temps are warm and the days are long I thrive outdoors. Weather (note that word is misspelled on purpose in an effort at comedy) that be on the golf course our out in my garden, I enjoy the chance to be out living life and limiting my time in front of the computer.

But, a quick look outside gives evidence to the fact that those days have turned for the worst driving me back inside for the winter. During this holiday season I’ve actually had a couple people mention to me that I haven’t posted anything in some time. To them I say”thank you for noticing.” And so, because of them and because it is a new year this gives me good reason to take back up the challenge of writing once again. But, I don’t intend for this to be another “what I’m resolving for 2012” post but would rather take the chance to look at a bigger issue facing all of us as we roll into a new year. A new election year.

For some of us it is still early in the election cycle to be too worked up about the pending Iowa Caucuses taking place tomorrow. Your candidate awaits the slug-fest about to ensue in the middle of the country. For others (most of us if you believe the current presidents approval ratings) it’s about finding our identity best embodied within one individual to represent our collective core beliefs. Not an easy task.

There are many issues shaping this election. The most obvious of which is the economy. But as you look across all corners of the country you can’t help but hear the criticism that “America has lost it’s grip as THE world leader.” How many of you have heard and share that belief? In some respects it’s hard not to ignore the signs. Political corruption, faltering economy, bankrupt
social programs, an ever-expanding national waistline; the list goes on.

Is it a fixable problem? Maybe. Do any of these candidates have the answers to do so? I doubt it. Our current choice campaigned hot and heavy using two words. Hope and Change. I haven’t seen much evidence of either, yet. I’m not holding out much “hope” that we’ll see any in his remaining time in office. Be it one or five more years. And this is why I offer up the following solution as Step One in curing what ails us.

TERM LIMITS. Let’s face it. Our forefathers intended for representation to be a part-time service for our fellow man, then allow those elected officials to return to their community and go back to being productive members of society. At no point was the plan for politics to be a career. That much power concentrated in so few individuals breeds corruption. Look familiar? Ever wonder why we can’t get them to even consider a term limits bill? Who would want to give up such a cash cow? Take a look at who’s making what and tell me their political position hasn’t been a huge contributor to these bank accounts. Consider also the clout these politicians develop over decades of sitting on the same committees. Is it possible to stay connected to the needs of your constituents when this kind of power gets in the way? And is it possible for constituents to not continue to vote the same people into office over and over again in order to keep the pork rolling back to your home state? Is it any wonder we face an unprecedented level of public debt?

Limit the House to two terms and the Senate to one term. Then require a minimum period of six years before a person is eligible to run for office again. If they feel that drawn to public service they will gladly wait six years for the opportunity to serve again. In the meantime they can earn an honest living like the rest of us. Reconnecting with the things that effect all of us. And, as part of these term limits, make the pay for each representative equal the average income of all the constituents from the district they represent. I can’t think of anything that will keep a person more grounded in the needs of his/her fellow man than to earn what they earn.

My mother always taught me, don’t talk about politics or religion. But I’m curious. What’s your opinion on term limits? Is there a better way to do it than what I’ve outlined here? How do we push this issue onto a group of “representatives” who are otherwise unwilling to cut off their own nose to spite their faces?

I hope to hit on a number of other fixes for what needs changed in this country as the election season hits its stride. Tell me what do you see that needs addressed to bring the United States back to a world leader status.

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