There’s a Politician Floating in the Bottom of My Glass.

I get it. Most things happen in cycles. The economy, social mores, skirt lengths, etc. Everything has a tenancy to go up and down or back and forth as it may be. Of course, what typically starts a change in momentum in the other direction is a great deal of public outcry. Listen to me stand on my soap box and whine.

Every once in a while I make a stop into one of our local establishments that sells adult beverages. For many, especially the women folk, the occasional request of “may I see some id” from the sales clerk was a welcome phrase to hear. But, in the state where I live, ignorance is bliss. For here, everyone is obligated to present an id, irregardless of how close to death you actually look. Take, for example, me.

The photo taken by the BMV was worse than this one!

By this picture I think you would agree that I am a far cry from 21 years old. I also think you would agree that no amount of Grecian Hair Formula could be applied to achieve this look to get a teen to pass for a 43-year-old (do they even make a gray hair coloring kit?).
Last week, I made a stop into the local Bureau of Motor Vehicles to renew my driver’s license. One bad picture and a fist full of cash later I was handed a beautiful black and white sheet of paper that is to represent my temporary license. Temporary, you see, because they can no longer make that license at the branch. It has to come from the state clearinghouse for such crucial documents.
As luck would have it, the next day I had to take my temporary license to the pharmacy to purchase some sinus medication. It’s been a tough allergy season you know, mild winter and all. Keep in mind, I asked my wife to stop and pick this up for me when she went to town. Her response, “I can’t do that, I just bought some last week.” You see, these sinus pills used to sit on a shelf, in an aisle, next to the tissues. Not anymore. Now they are under lock and key behind the pharmacist counter because some people can’t stop themselves from crushing it up and shooting it into their arm. Once at the store you have no idea how difficult this transaction turned out to be. It was, after all, not an”official” state license and did not contain all the numbers required to fill out the form so that the state can track my drug purchases.
Do you see the common denominator in all these scenarios? It is this. There are already laws on the books to deal with minors who try to purchase liquor or people who forge documents or abuse drugs. However, for whatever reason, these laws aren’t being enforced as they should. Granted, those laws are reactive answers to solve problems. But is the enactment of proactive laws that blanketly¬†encumber law-abiding citizens a good solution? How about requiring law breakers that are convicted of a crime serve the full sentence handed down to them instead of a 10 year sentence knocked down to 18 months for this, that, or another reason. How about we start making life inconvenient for those who choose to break the rules instead of punishing those who follow them?
Have you run into similarly frustrating laws? What’s your opinion on the obtrusive state of the government? Are we moving towards a society where the government issues us an allotment of food so it knows exactly what each of us is consuming?Posted from WordPress for


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