Ode to Grape

O flower of spring
What beauty thou make.
Bring nectar for bee
Leave pollen in thine wake.

Lead forth unto summer
Tis heat thou must shake.
Drop thence into autumn
thouest fruit I then take.

Oh colorful bounty
Rich purples, deep red.
The joy you shall bring
Whence spread across bread.

But what is this MESS

What disaster thus bring?
Some little piece of shit
Has ate the whole thing!


Stripped bald from the top
To the very last berry.
Some four legged critter
Has stripped all my merry.

Chewed up all the goodness
spit skin on the ground.
Does this beast not notice
I’m left with a frown?

All that tedious hard work
That of nurture and care.
Has left me with nothing,
Nothing to share.

But wait, what is this?
He has left me a gift.
One shiny green berry
My spirit doth lift!

To young for squirrel taste buds
He’s left it to grow
I’ll save and protect it
In hopes I can blow…his brains out when he comes back for it!

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About scotthaz

I love the creative process of Architecture (and tolerate the administrative end of the process), golf as often as my family will allow, and enjoy nature photography.
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