Misery Loves Company

I just finished a truly miserable weekend with my wife in Central Wisconsin. Kind of harsh to say, I know. And don’t misinterpret what I’m saying there. It’s not the company that was miserable. Rather it was the weather that took what was supposed to be a relaxing Fall Break weekend and turned it into a lousy walk in the rain. The plan was to head up to LaValle, Wisconsin on Saturday and ride the 400 Trail and take in all the rich colors the rolling hillsides would have to offer. Sunday was reserved for a four hour estate tour of the grounds of Taliesin, Frank Lloyd Wright’s spread in Spring Green, Wisconsin. What we got was a soupy mess of low-slung, gun-metal gray skies that seeped rain in every imaginable degree; from the light drizzle that cast a perpetual splatter of speckles on my glasses to the steady downpour that would leave us with squishy socks in shoes.
Saturday’s rains, besides keeping us off the bike trail, managed to take down all the colorful leaves from their post making LAST weekend the peak of color season and this weekend the beginning of stick watching season. I hear it lasts until late March according to the locals.
Sunday’s rain was equally punishing in its own right. The Preservation Society at Taliesin does not permit photos of the interior. However, you are free to take as many pictures of the (RAINY) exterior as you’d like. Photos of the exterior with the top 25% blocked out by umbrella brims and blurry images due to rain drops on the lens come at no additional charge!
The saving grace may have been the nice stay at the Mill House on Main Bed and Breakfast in LaValle had I not sent the room into temporary chaos by knocking the ceramic angel and ceramic flower vase flying off the book shelf when the half dozen books to the left of the one I pulled off the shelf tipped over causing arms and legs to go flying in every direction trying to catch said items on their six fall from their previous perch. How none of them broke ink never know.
What did make the whole wet weekend worthwhile was the chance to spend some valuable one-to-one time with Sweetness. Though none of it may have gone as we’d planned or hoped it would it was shared time creating bonding memories. Those “remember when…” moments when we’ll be able to look back and revel about how we turned that sow’s ear of a wet weekend into a gem of a good time.


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I love the creative process of Architecture (and tolerate the administrative end of the process), golf as often as my family will allow, and enjoy nature photography.
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