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I’d like to openly complain to Mark LePage and all his multimedia savvy for inspiring me to a) get back in the habit of writing (500 words) on a daily basis as a result of his six favorite things article posted not long ago and

b) for posting today the challenge to post a link to your blog even if it’s been a while since you posted anything.  Well, it’s been a while since I posted anything as you can tell.  And, I posted a lot more about life in general than architecture in specifics.  But, I did enjoy the challenge and the process of developing a topic, doing a little research, and composing some thoughts for a post.

Mind you, I make no promise that this is the beginning of a renewed era of feverish blog posts.  But, while contemplating my 500 words for the day today (which I do at lunch once the coffee of the morning has fully saturated my bloodstream) I did some reflecting on some current events going on in my life and some paths being crossed that could put a large, heavy wheel in a downward rolling posture with the potential to pick up steam and sustain itself.  Such grand ideas many times will flame out (or go flat if I want to keep with the wheel theme I started).  However, venues and a lack of an audience made these same thoughts unattainable when I started this blog several years ago.  A new venue and a more accessible field of audience may change that this time around.  We will see.  This Architect still needs to maintain his 7am-5pm job to keep food on the table and kid in college. All Aboard  I had a boss once who loved trains.  When I found this out I noted that I too loved trains and model railroading.  I noted I would have loved being a train engineer instead of an Architect.  He  challenged me by saying he doubted I would have loved it all.  Because when you do it for a living it becomes work; a job.  And when it becomes a job the stresses of a job tend to suck the love right out of it.  I enjoy what I do during the day.  I’ve wanted to be an Architect since early in high school (Thank you Mr. McDowell and Mr. Hines) But, sometimes, coming home and putting “the job” aside and picking up my photographs and sorting through the wonderful pictures I’ve taken and matting them to hang on the wall or sitting down to write a story fires up a passion the everyday stresses of “the job” can’t match (I am certain that is a run on sentence.  Forgive me.)  And yes, I too have grand plans for a mode railroad scene to fill the vacant bonus room over the garage some day.  What an opportunity that would be to mix my love for trains with the old college traits of building models.  Look here!  Five hundred words!

About scotthaz

I love the creative process of Architecture (and tolerate the administrative end of the process), golf as often as my family will allow, and enjoy nature photography.
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